The human aura

The human aura

The human aura and the roles that it plays. The term “aura” or “light body” refers to the gentle light that surrounds the human body. Above the level of the skin, the aura drapes over human bodies like a blanket. Everyone can sense the aura’s presence, despite it being invisible to the naked eye. The vibrations and waves produced by the body work together with the aura in certain ways.

The state of the person’s mind, feelings, physical health, and environment all play a role in how the aura appears and how it vibrates around them. Auras act as a form of communication between individuals, including humans, animals, and plants. In a different sense, the aura functions for humans as a kind of shield or protection.

(Simulations of the auric fields of humans)

Vibrations and auras can be felt by all living things, including humans, animals, and plants. When we meet someone new, our feelings might shift in response to the aura that person exudes. We can feel strong emotions toward another person, such as love, respect, belief, compatibility, or hatred, even when we do not know the true characteristics that define them. The true nature of a person could be revealed. It can be figured out by looking at their auras and the waves and vibrations that come from their bodies.

Here are some examples for better understanding. When dogs see some people, they might be quiet, but when they see others, they might start barking. Cats frequently approach some people and rub up against them as a sign of affection and a feline greeting, while avoiding other people and fleeing from them. You’ve probably seen videos of wild animals pleading for food or water from strangers and fleeing from others. Animals are very adept at detecting a person’s energy field, or aura. Their internal senses are primarily responsible for this type of behavior.

Animals, birds, fish, and other creatures may live in harmony with some people while avoiding others. Once again, the aura of the individual motivates such behaviors in animals. People and animals can read an individual’s aura to determine their thoughts and intentions because the aura changes as a person’s thoughts and feelings do.

Negative thoughts that are persistent over an extended period can cause aura damage and vulnerability and invite negativity to be associated with them. As a result, deficiencies, disturbances, and illnesses could manifest in the aura-affected area. This leads to energy imbalances and problems with mental, physical, and emotional health.

Our aura can be influenced by our thoughts, behaviors, families, friends, and even outsiders. The best ways to protect the aura are through good eating habits, interpersonal connections, friendships, emotions, and thoughts. Through some exercises, the aura of a person can be seen with the naked eye. Through the Kirlian camera, one can also capture images of Aura.

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