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Reiki healing guidelines

Reiki healing guidelines. Reiki practitioners are advised to follow the following guidelines to improve the effectiveness of healing:

1. Before beginning therapy, the healer should meditate for at least fifteen minutes.

2. Before beginning any treatments, the healer should ask God and the Universe for their guidance, blessings, protection, and assistance.

3. Give a brief explanation of the Reiki treatment to the patient.

4. Instruct the patient to sit up straight in a chair or lie down on a bed.

5. Before beginning the treatment, ask the patient to relax and remain silent for ten minutes.

6. Both the patient and the healer should have the same goal in mind: health recovery.

7. Before beginning the healing process, the healer should mentally construct a shield to protect himself.

8. Before beginning the treatment, release and clear any energy blockages in the patient’s aura.

9. Either through physical contact or non-physical contact, channel Reiki energy to the patient.

10. If necessary, direct additional Reiki energy toward the affected area.

11. Pay attention to how energy enters and exits your body as you send healing to the recipient.

12. The energy flow slows or stops, indicating that the healing process has been completed.

13. The patient must believe in his or her own ability to heal and regain health.

14. Motivate the patient to change to a nutritious diet and way of living.

15. After the session, thank God, the natural world, and the Reiki energy.

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