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Reiki course membership

All new Reiki course participants will receive a 12-month subscription at the level of the class they registered for. They were given the chance to comprehend their level course to the fullest extent.

The membership’s terms and conditions

1. A free membership will be provided only if a discount or cashback has not been issued.

2. All membership activities and registration must be done through the website, No manual or WhatsApp registrations are accepted.

3. The Reiki Course membership is issued in 4 categories.

  • The Beginner—for the beginner-level course participants.
  • The Practitioner—for the Practitioner level course participants.
  • The Healer—for the Healer level course participants.
  • The Master—for the Master level course participants.

4. This membership does not need to be paid or renewed and is only valid for a maximum of 12 months.

5. Participants can only attend the same level of classes for free, and no attunement or certificate will be provided.

6. A membership was issued to most of the registered participants.

7. The Holistic Reiki course participants from July 2022–2023 who didn’t receive the cashback or discount can register themselves at the website and WhatsApp me at +6010-334–3346 for the class membership.

8. Existing Holistic Reiki course participants are honored with a free two-year membership. Please log in to to check your membership status.


  1. I had enrolled in the Practitioner L2. Under the guidance of Master Raja Mohamed Kassim, have learned Reiki and he gives practical exercises to gain experiences. His 24 months of free membership has coaching class, weekly updates and question and answer sessions. It helps one to enrich one’s understanding and experience. Under his guidance he has many healers and Master. This membership and learning is a great usefulness and value for learning . I do highly recommend it

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