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Mrs. Hawayo Hiromi Takata

Mrs. Hawayo Hiromi Takata was born in Hawaii, United States of America, on December 24, 1900. She helped bring Reiki to the West and make it a popular practice in the world today.

A piece of verbal information states that Mrs. Takata had been to Japan to meet her family members. While she was there, she unexpectedly fell ill. The doctors advised her to undergo an operation. Mrs. Takata did not agree to have the surgery, so she started looking for other ways to get better.

She finally agreed to surgery because she couldn’t find any other option. While she was getting ready for the operation, she heard an oracle: “The cure for your disease is in Tokyo.” She immediately canceled the surgery and proceeded to Tokyo. She underwent Reiki treatments in Hayashi’s clinic for one year and regained her health.

During that time, Japan was involved in wars, and men were forced to participate in them. Dr. Hayashi was worried that this wonderful Reiki art would come to an end if all the men who knew Reiki died in the war. Dr. Hayashi trained Mrs. Takata to be a Reiki healer. She was the first woman and foreigner to learn Reiki.

Mrs. Takata learned and practiced Reiki well, and she moved back to Hawaii and started a Reiki clinic. She not only treated patients there but also taught Reiki to Japanese and Westerners. From the West, this art has gradually spread throughout the rest of the world. Today, millions of people benefit from Reiki. Thank you, Mrs. Takata and her students, for trying over and over again to get the word out about Reiki.

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