Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui

The founder of reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. The credit for introducing Reiki to the modern world goes to Dr. Mikao Usui. He was born into a Zen Buddhism-practicing family in Taniai, Japan, on August 15, 1865. While he was practicing Buddhism, he heard about healing and initiation methods used by Indian Buddhists a thousand years ago. To discover those methods, he starts to practice spiritual practices called “Yama” by referring to Buddhist monastics’ ancient scrolls.

As a next step, he went to Mount Kurama and did a spiritual practice that included meditation, prayer, and fasting. During these 21 days of practice, Usui learned that the alive and active cosmic energy “Ki” or “Chi” was functioning everywhere. He also saw that active cosmic energy could be used to heal any disease or pain in humans. On the 21st day, he realizes this and faces the Reiki energy physically.

He did not reach the state of discovery that he did after 21 days of practice. Instead, he got there because he had developed self-control, self-discipline, healthy eating habits, and spiritual practices from a young age.

Usui taught Reiki to over 2,000 students during his lifetime. Only twenty-one of them are recognized as “shinpiden” or “master.” Dr. Mikao Usui passed away on March 9, 1926.

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