Member’s accounts have been updated

Member’s accounts have been updated The Reiki class participants’ accounts had been updated, and they had been offered membership. You


Reiki Students Registration

If you attend our holistic Reiki class, please register at this website, and you will be issued a student membership.

Advance Registration

Advance Registration – Holistic Reiki

Holistic Reiki Holistic Reiki is a simple and effective Reiki practice, based on attunement and techniques to unite with cosmic


Reiki course membership

All new Reiki course participants will receive a 12-month subscription at the level of the class they registered for. They


The Reiki healing guidelines

For better healing outcomes, Reiki healers are advised to follow the following guidelines: 1. Before beginning therapy, healers should meditate


The human aura

The term “aura” or “light body” refers to the gentle light that surrounds the human body. Above the level of the skin, the aura drapes over our bodies like a blanket. Everyone can sense the aura’s presence despite it being invisible to the naked eye.


Chakras and their characteristics

There are seven major energy storage spots in the human body, called chakras. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. The chakras are energy centers that create, absorb, store, and share chakra-related energy to meet the needs of the body, mind, and soul.

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