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An overview of cosmic energy

An overview of cosmic energy. You, me, living and nonliving things, and nature are all made of cosmic energy. A single energy, known by various names such as cosmic energy, universal energy, life force energy, and many others, sustains entire creations. This energy is fungible in various ways depending on the nature, function, and purpose of the creation. Since cosmic energy is the source of everything we see on Earth, it makes sense that everything is just a different form of the same cosmic energy.

Everything in this universe, including all living things, is simply the transformation of invisible cosmic energy into its visible form. I, the author of this article, you, the keen reader, and the electronic gadgets used to read are different versions of a single energy. Invisible energy has turned into visible people, animals, plants, nature, and other non-living things. We thus witness the altered energy form through our eyes.

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