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An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy

An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy. The energy known as cosmic energy, universal energy, or life force energy is the foundation of all living things. Its shape, action, and reaction are determined by the function, nature, and purpose of the creation.

You, I, and all living beings, including every animate and inanimate object that can be seen with our eyes, are manifestations of cosmic energy. The entire universe and its creatures are nothing more than the transmutation and visible manifestation of cosmic energy.

I, the author of this article, You, the astute reader, and the electronic devices used to read it are all manifestations of the same cosmic energy. Simply put, the invisible energy has manifested as visible humans, animals, plants, and other inanimate objects. Through our eyes, we witness the transformed energy form.

“Paranjothi Mahan,” the Great Saint of our time, specifies an admirable philosophy. “Because there was nothing but the existence of a Supreme Being prior to the creation of this universe, it does not intend to convey that He created this universe through any anonymous or uncertain means. “Rather, everything manifested from Him, and thus everything we see with our eyes is nothing more than His replica.”

As cosmic energy is the basic energy behind everything we see on this planet, it is all nothing more than the metamorphosis of the same cosmic energy. Man is made up of millions and trillions of cells. The fundamental cause of cell formation has been cosmic energy. Let us explore cosmic energy, its critical application, and the benefits that can be derived from it through this website.

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