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An Introduction to Reiki

An Introduction to Reiki. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: “Rei,” which means cosmic or divine, and “Ki,” which means energy. “Reiki” literally means “cosmic energy” or “divine energy.” The divine life-force energy permeates the entire cosmos. A person can accomplish everything he has to do in this world when that life force energy, or Reiki, is employed properly.

To better understand Reiki, let’s use the example of electricity. Electrical energy is a well-known type of energy that is transmitted via conductors and changes form depending on the object it interacts with. It takes on new dimensions such as light, sound, and vibration depending on the type of connected device. Electrical energy is the elemental energy behind the operation of any kind of appliance or gadget. No modern device or gadget can function without electricity.

Reiki energy can also take on several forms depending on the needs of a person, animal, plant, or item. Even though Reiki is usually only used to treat physical problems, anyone can use it to solve any problem they are having in life.

Reiki is a limitless, independent energy that has no bounds or restrictions. Similar to the air, Reiki is universal, and it doesn’t limit itself to any country, religion, ethnicity, belief, or language. Indeed, Reiki has been known since the remote past. Though this energy is known by various names, they all denote the same form of energy.

Right from ancient and historical times, we have heard fascinating stories, incidents, and some people’s miraculous healing abilities through mere touch or sight. While others might ward off all negative energies and issues in one’s life. These kinds of wonderful beings live widely in all parts of the world at all times.

Cosmic energy is what gives all of these people their amazing healing powers, which can cure any disease or illness and bring comfort and peace to all suffering souls. If you understand and use this great energy well, you can have a successful and happy life and help to improve the lives of other people. Nothing is impossible when this energy is handled wisely. This energy is also known as “god” or “deities.”

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