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An Introduction to Holistic Reiki

An Introduction to Holistic Reiki. Holistic Reiki is a simple and effective Reiki practice based on attunement, Kundalini activation, and techniques to unite with cosmic energy. For millennia, cosmic energy has been used under various names and methods to fulfill human needs.

Currently, there are around sixty-five Reiki methods in use. Holistic Reiki is one of the Reiki methods that is straightforward to use with no symbols, chants, or other complicated procedures. It boosts Kundalini energy, channels Reiki energy, and absorbs cosmic energy using simple techniques.

Holistic Reiki is a Reiki technique that includes the body and mental health, universal laws, and karmic ideas in traditional Reiki. This practice will help a person improve their health, happiness, pleasure, and wealth by connecting them to the whole range of cosmic energy. It encompasses knowledge of the body, mind, chakras, waves, vibration, soul, and spiritual practices. It will undoubtedly provide a comprehensive solution for living a joyful life.

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